mr jeans & mr tree


Two different generations but, of course they dynamic delivered psytrance in a special way.

They have been playing their DJsets on many parties and Festivals like Psychedelic Circus, Fusion Festival, Antaris Project, Indian Spirit, Reisefieber Switzerland, Simsalaboom, Bachblyten, Aurora, Mushroom Magazine on Tour, YSE Labelnights and many more.

Since 2010 Mr. Jeans & Mr. Tree are DJing for "Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings" (Y.S.E).


(YSE. / landmark rec.)

In the end of the year ninenine the top of the Baum (tree) were coming up in the northern german d&b scene. After a journey through the clubs he came in contact with the psytrance as a talented dj it was clear to spin the wheels in another genre. The tree played at many open airs in northern germany and is still keeping up the floating psyprogtrance in an extraordinary way. Since 2010 he is playing for the millennium sublabel yse and now he is also apart of landmark recordings. So the tree will let it grow, blossom and flow.



(YSE / klangkontakt)

A proper GOA Dinosaur - Old School at its best! Because back in the day, things were better, you can look forward to a sound stretching from progressive to psychedelic in a manner best known from the good old days.

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the adventures of mr. jeans & mr. tree

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Tala Vinyasa 10

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goa 2017 vol. 3

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